Saturday, October 20, 2007

more free time=more work that can get done?

I was astounded by the lack of class time i have here. it seems like the professors teach less but give you more things to learn.
I only have 4 classes, two on monday (neuro and stats) and two on wednesday (genetics and proseminar). they are supposed to be 3 hours long each, but usually only stats lasts the entire time.
I was also in shock over having 4 day weekends. I always had a packed schedule in undergrad.
At first, i thought, i would have so much time to do work. But. now that its around midterms, i've noticed that i just tend to sit around more.
not that i don't do my work. i manage to get it all done. most of the time, i do it way before its even due. but i do tend to sit around more. that might be expected, given that i do live alone.
I'm now deciding on classes for next semester. its a one year program, you see. i find myself drawn to classes that have nothing to do with neuro, even though i know thats what i want to focus on. But i think ill take the other classes just to see what they are like, i don't really want to rule out anything before i've taken it. If i decide on them, i will again have thurs. and fri. off.

I don't think the classes in grad school are much harder than undergrad. they seem like more work, maybe, but i'm understanding all the material.
proseminar is a one page critique of the articles for that week. we also have one big lit review paper and another small precis.
genetics is a 2 page paper on that week's readings. 3 times we present one of the articles to the rest of the class. we have a midterm and final exam.
neuro is a neuroanatomy quiz, a 5 minute presentation, a 20 page paper, and weekly reading evaluations.
stats is homework every week with a take home midterm and final.

all in all, it doesn't seem so bad to me.

managing time is a big issue. so far i havent fallen behind since i seem to have enormous amounts of time to get things done, and i dont have many friends here to slack off with.

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